Dear customers,

We would like to show you the business brand HolarR, that is owned by Čegan s.r.o. company., and its products. The HolarR brand came into existence in 1990 that aimed at production and distribution of plastic door fittings. The plastic fittings HolarR is still currently produced and they represent an important volume of production of our pressing shop. Since 1999, HolarR begins to engage in producing fittings and accessories made of stainless steel according to EN 1.4301 (AISI 304). It was put on the market in 2001 as the first company in the Czech Republic. The assortment comprises primarily massive and  tube fittings for doors and windows, door grab handles and accessories, systems for glass and others. In 2013, HolarR launches its unique series Crystal Glass. The design fittings Crystal Glass is made of Czech crystal glass and represents  results of development activity, creativity and  own inventiveness of our developers and engineers concentrating on design. Since its  creation, the HolarR brand  gained an important position on the market. Its products represent  high quality, precision, individual access and added value that derives from  high skilled labour of our staff. Manufacturing activities under the HolarR brand belong to the family of companies Čegan Holding a.s. Čegan s.r.o. is the largest employer of handicapped  persons in the Brno-venkov district and it offers to its clients cooperation in  a form of indemnification.

That´s why a number of domestic and foreign companies  found in the HolarR brand a reliable and respectable partner  on a long-term basis.