Stainless steel EN 1.4301 (AISI 304)

The door fitting is supplied only in stainless steel DIN 1.4301, with surface treatment of matt, achieved through brushing or of gloss, achieved through glossing.

The stainless steel is exceptional  through its resistance to mechanical damage. When properly used, it virtually cannot be deteriorated.

Potential surface finish is achieved by application of a surface layer on the stainless body:

Golden – titanium nitride - (TiN) – an extremely hard ceramic material. It protects the surface and improves its properties. It is a harmless nonpoisonous material.

Black chrome –  is produced by galvanic metallization with chrome, it is abrasion resistant, it had excellent visual properties and it is nonpoisonous for people.



All types of plastic are produced in our  own thermoplast moulding shop that processes the complete assortment of plastic materials. In case of the door fittings, it concerns PA6 (polyamide, nylon), ABS – a compact, resistant and tough plastic and PP (polypropylene). The standard shades of the plastics are brown, beige and white and black colour of Klasik type.

On order and for extra charge we can deliver our plastic fittings Standard in a spectrum of other seven colours.


Crystal glass

For purposes of producing the Crystal Glass fittings, we use leadless soda potash glass that is characterized by its high index of diffraction. The products are  highly transparent, pure, elegant and harmless to health. The pure glass design is the latest trend  in interiors and decoration.